Living Without Chronic Anxiety

A 3 Month Program for Women in Midlife Who Are Tired and Disillusioned and Want to Break the Cycle of Chronic Anxiety and Self Doubt, Using Tools That Will Give You Back Your Self Esteem, Confidence and Health, So You Recognise That Person in Your Mirror Once Again.

Who Am I?

Being ill was never a condition I spent time thinking about. But what I didn’t realise was how powerful my thoughts were and how having chronic anxiety, depression, various minor health conditions and a very negative mindset would eventually lead to me being on an operating table.

The life changing lesson I learnt was that I had done this to myself, because I didn’t understand how my thoughts affected my health, and that if I wanted to be the healthy person I thought I was, I was going to have to change how I dealt with my life.

Medication in the form of various tablets, wasn’t going to change anything in the long term. I had to let go of my toxic negative memories from my past and give myself permission to be a happy and successful person, otherwise I would just continue to get ill.

Over time and with the help of the energy healing therapy EFT, I not only cured my anxiety and depression, I learnt to look at situations that I experienced through different perspectives which allowed me to choose how I deal with each situation.

Now I’m able to use my experiences and knowledge to help other women whose lives have been compromised by chronic pain, and the symptoms of anxiety that doctors don’t have a cure for.

Suzanne Ellison has spent the past 30 years helping people through counselling.

In training as a Hypnotherapist she discovered the Energy Healing through the Emotional Freedom Technique and is now a qualified EFT Practitioner.

Dip. C (inst NH), Dip. H (CS), EFT Practitioner

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • Women whose lives are debilitated by Chronic Pain and Anxiety
  • Those who are ready to forgive the past and allow your body to start healing
  • Those who are ready to invest time every day and commit to taking action
  • Those who are ready to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions

Who It Is Not For?

  • Those who are in a chronic victim mentality and don’t want to commit to the program.
  • Those who don’t believe that it is possible to get relief from their chronic pain and heal.
  • Those who are looking for sympathy and are seeking talk therapy only.
Module One

Laying the Healing Foundation


  • When you think and act the same way all the time, you lose conscious control of your thoughts and actions, and by association, the cause of your current and any new pains.
    So the first thing you need to do is lay a new foundation of thinking and acting that you can build on as you go through the program.
  • Your “Path to Living Pain Free” Workbook which you’ll use to set your level of commitment, and keep a record of your progress from day 1.
  • #1 To record the first thought/s and associated emotion/s you experience when you wake up every morning.
  • #2 Record the level of your pain.
  • #3 Record the top 2 or 3 thoughts that you think over and over every day that leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


This is the starting point of understanding how your thoughts and your past affect your emotional and physical wellbeing.

When you have chronic pain you can’t help but focus on the pain and overtime you create a pattern and cycle of thinking and feeling awful, and you connect with that familiar feeling the minute you wake up.

Becoming aware of what thoughts you have and how they make you feel is the first step towards healing as you start to disrupt and break the cycle of negative thinking and feeling, which over time can be expressed as physical pain through your body.

Module Two

Daily Prescription


In this module you will get your first win and a glimpse of what is possible using a technique that can now support you for the rest of your life against chronic pain.

  • Gain insights to the 3 main causes of your pain. This knowledge alone can change the way you understand and experience pain.
  • Learn to apply a method you can use at any time to control your pain levels and bring it down.
  • Greater understanding of how the mind and body works and that you don’t need to be a doctor to heal yourself – giving you a unique self-reliance to master your wellbeing.


When you start to release negative emotions and memories you allow your body to rebalance itself and start to heal.

Having lived with chronic pain anything beyond pain can seem like an impossible reality so in getting just a small win which may only be for 20 seconds, 20 minutes or 20 hours, it will give you the hope and motivation to persevere and continue working through the rest of the program, knowing that with each module you have the ability to achieve greater results.

Module Three

Why You Think the Thoughts You Do


  • Uncover what beliefs you hold and understand how your belief influence your negative thoughts which can be expressed through bodily pain, which become chronic.
  • Understand what a belief is and how it controls their thoughts and actions.
  • Make a list of your top 5 negative beliefs about themselves and use EFT on these beliefs to uncover the source of the belief.
  • Use EFT on 1/2 old beliefs, each day and replace a new belief that will support who you want to be.


Being born into an environment of beliefs that are held by others, such as your parents, and which you are not aware of, affects how you perceive your world which then affects what type of thoughts you have and emotions you feel and actions you take.

Your beliefs are the foundation of your negative thoughts and emotions which over time can be expressed through pain and if left unaddressed then turns into chronic pain.

Creating beliefs that support what you want is part of the healing process to alleviating your chronic pain.

Beliefs are changeable and not to be confused with Facts which are not changeable.

Module Four

Internal Vs External Environment


  • Understanding the difference between your Internal Environment and your External Environment will lead you to have more control of your thoughts, emotions and health.
  • The difference between taking responsibility for a situation and letting the situation dictate how you feel and act so that you start feeling more and more in control of your life in all areas and not just the pain.
  • Take responsibility for every negative situation that is directly related to you for 1 week and write down what you could have done differently to get a better result than the one you got.
  • Taking control of your internal environment stops you being controlled by your external environment.
  • Realization that you always have a choice about what you think and how you act.


Your internal environment is about what’s going on in your immediate life. Your external environment is everything else that goes on in your life that you don’t necessarily have control over, but you always have the ability to choose how you react and perceive a situation which in turn means that you always have control over how you think and feel at any given moment.

When you focus on how you want to feel and where you choose to put your attention and energy, you no longer feel powerless and you stop being a victim of your outside environment.

Instead you take 100% control of your internal environment by choosing what thoughts you have, what emotions you feel and what actions you take in response to what is happening in your outside environment.

Module Five

Dealing with Discomfort


To welcome and recognize discomfort as a sign that you are making progress towards a new way of thinking and acting.

  • Recognising discomfort/procrastination for what it is and learning to befriend it by using a script to clear it.


Your subconscious is hardwired to keep you safe, so when you feel discomfort, it’s because you’re trying to do something new and different. So there will be a tendency to procrastinate and sabotage your efforts because the message being sent to your brain, is that the unknown isn’t safe.

But because you are now more aware of your thoughts and actions, and you’ve learnt a technique that can help you stay on track, it’s easier for you to engage your conscious mind and push through whenever this discomfort arises.

Module Six

Positive Perceptions


Realising that not everything that happens or is spoken is about you, and that you always have a choice in how you perceive a situation.

  • List the top 3 beliefs you think people have of you so that you tackle the very source of your anxiety / frustrations and underlying irritation that snowballs into chronic pain.
  • Create a different dialog of what people could be saying about you that could be a possibility of each one.
  • Release the negative emotion associated with this baggage of “What people think about me” and enforce the new dialog emotionally.


There are many ways of understanding a situation, and when you become aware of your negative thoughts and emotions and start to create new empowering beliefs, you also change the way you perceive, the past, the present and what people say to you.

As you let go of your negative default way of thinking you give yourself more choice as to how you understand situations that happen within your life. When you choose to look for the lesson in everything that happens to you, you feel in control of your life which in turn grows your confidence and self esteem, increasing your healing and reducing your chronic pain.

Module Seven



  • Forgiving yourself and what others have said or done to you in the past is key to healing and being able to move forward with your life.
  • Journal thoughts of 2 specific memories that you feel guilt/blame/ashamed/should have done more.
  • Create a conversation of forgiveness that you could have with yourself  and enforce the emotionality behind it. 


Forgiveness isn’t just about you absolving others for wrongs done to you. It’s about you forgiving others for their actions so that you can move on with your life.

Letting go of past hurt and trauma that is responsible for suppressing your immune system and keeps you stuck in the past, is a big part in causing your chronic pain and symptoms of anxiety.

When you Forgive, you give yourself permission to move on and start creating new and happier memories that help you to heal and grow emotionally stronger.

Module Eight

Create Your Future


Knowing and defining what you want so you will recognize the opportunities that will help you realise your vision.

  • Write a detailed realistic description of who you want to Be.
  • What Vision and plans you have for yourself over the 6 mths/1 year.
  • How to set intentions, to attract what you want into your life.
  • Create the first 3 action steps to attracting what you want into your life.


You need to know what you want before you can attract it into your life.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you see in front of you and what you visualize in your mind, so you can literally create what you want by visualizing it in as much detail as possible.

Now that you’ve let go of the toxicity of your past and opened your mind to the opportunities around you, it becomes much easier to see and attract what you want into your life.

Module Nine

Your New Identity


To no longer “Be” the person who was defined by their chronic pain.

  • To write a detailed description of who you want to become.
  • First 3 action steps to becoming that person.
  • What is your new routine that supports who you become.


Having lived with Chronic pain, overtime you have come to think and define yourself as a person who has chronic pain and whose life is now limited in terms of what they’re capable of.

It is how you identify yourself and you can’t achieve your intentions or vision from this mindset.

Changing how you define yourself can cause anxiety and more discomfort. When you recognize these symptoms for what they are, it should reassure you that you are taking the right actions to achieve your Vision.

Therefore you now have to think of yourself as the person you are meant to BE. Not who you think you should be.

Who is the person you now need to “Be”?
How do you think?
How do you feel?
How does the new you act?

You are no longer the victim of your external environment who suffers with chronic pain.
You now control your thoughts and emotions and can choose how to react to situations in your life, and to keep any negativity and toxicity in your thoughts at a minimum with the technique you have learnt.

Changing how you identify yourself is the final step in transforming from who you were to who you’ve become.

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