Suzanne Ellison

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My goal is to work with you to help you alleviate your chronic pain and anxiety, through having a better understanding of how your thoughts and emotions which relate to past situations and old traumas are the root cause of your various health conditions and when these negative toxic memories are resolved, your health will start to improve which will lessen the level of pain you experience.


Because no one should have to accept that chronic pain as part of their daily life to the point that they loses their independence and ability to support themselves and be an active family member.


When you understand how your beliefs, thoughts and emotions all contribute to your overall emotional and physcial health, you can start to take back control of the thoughts you think and how you feel and connect the dots between situations that have happened in the past that are keeping you stuck in the past and affecting your body’s ability to function efficiently.

You will become more aware of your body and how it feels so that you can address any unusual pains immediately, before they affect your overall health.


You’ll learn a simple technique that you can use for the rest of your life, so you attract what you do want into your life and it will also help you to stop falling back into a negative pattern of thinking and behaving.

You will also understand how your mind and body work together to keep you safe and by becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions, you will be able to keep better control of your overall health, so you can live your life on your own terms

2. What can I expect from the call?

I will ask you questions about your chronic pain and health condition and a few about your past and any trauma or significant situations that have happened to you in your past. Based on your answers, I will help you to understand how negative situations and memories of your past are often responsible for health conditions you are experiencing now. Sometime just understanding the connection between your past and the present is enough for you to start to make changes that will improve your health. If you are holding onto multiple physical and emotional traumas, then we can then discuss if working with Suzanne is going to benefit you if what you want is to lessen or possibly completely alleviate your chronic pain and improve your emotional and physical health. If we don’t think we will be a fit, then you will still leave the call with a better understanding of why you are ill and action steps you can take as well as any other resources that could help you.

3. Who is Suzanne Ellison?

Having moved 8 times across 4 continents in the first 17 years of her life, Suzanne is no stranger to adapting to an ever changing environment .

But it was during the 27 years that she lived in Zambia, despite having several successful businesses and raising a family, that Suzanne personally experienced how being depressed and constantly feeling overwhelmed affected her life. She started to question how her mental and emotional health affected her physical health, and why illnesses affected some people and not others.

Having come back to the UK in 2006, she has continued to research and learn about how the power of our beliefs and thoughts can affect our physical and emotional wellbeing over time and that just dealing with symptoms is never going to give long term healing results.

Suzanne is qualified in Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, which she combines together with her research and personal experiences to now help other women whose lives have been compromised by chronic pain.

Some People We’ve Worked With

Debs Jones

“I’ve had back problems for 12 years now, having had two operations, I still lived with the pain or had to take very strong painkillers, I’d also developed tennis elbow which was really affecting my work. After being told by the doctors there wasn’t much they could do, I decided to see if Suzanne could help me. The difference after just one session was almost unbelievable. I had been a bit sceptical, but I could literally feel the pain easing there and then. After the treatment I cut down significantly on painkillers and within 10 days, I was off them completely. I’m not saying the pain has completely gone, but the amount it has reduced I can live with comfortably without the need for any painkillers.”

Michelle R. Scott

“Suzanne was nice enough to stay on with me after the live presentation and help me to continue releasing the shoulder tension. You Guys…. I am moved to tears at how I can feel the difference! And that was just in 5 minutes. I really wasn’t sure that it was going to work…and am just flabbergasted that it did.”

Krystyna Hughes

“I have engaged in years of various types of therapy to address trauma issues. Whilst I have a tremendous therapist, Suzanne’s expertise in EFT teaches you how to facilitate your own well being and mental health. Results are immediate!! If you are interested in breaking limiting, negative thought patterns which sabotage your life, THIS is something to check out!!!”

Sara Hickman

“I have social anxiety and always worry that I will say or do the wrong things, I’d recommend talking to Suzanne, she’s great at helping with social anxiety, and since talking to her a few days ago, I feel a lot better, about trying to engage with others.”


“I reached out to Suzanne because I wanted to feel alive again. I wanted to feel that my life was worth living. That there is light in my life, because I couldn’t find it. There was just total darkness and heaviness and I needed relief from feeling like that. I felt like a butterfly in a dark cocoon and I couldn’t open my wings, But through your program Suzanne, you have enabled me to open my wings, for my body to feel open so I could become a butterfly again.”


“It’s good news It is breast cancer but early, and treated with surgery and estrogen blocker drugs. No chemo or radiotherapy. All in all a very transformative experience so far….! I went into that meeting much more together than my partner! Thanks for all your support, EFT has changed my relationship with my body/mind connection, though I was pretty with it but I see how much can be done with it and how far it can go. It has totally kept me together these last couple of weeks and I know it’s going to be invaluable in the next stage too. Thank you for starting me on this journey, all the best to you.”


“I’m finally writing to say a big fat thank you for all the time and support you gave me with my slipped discs before the wedding. I was a little dubious about the tapping treatment you were offering as it sounded slightly far-fetched, but after trying it, I was calmer and able to work through the pain that I was experiencing. I’m still shocked that I not only managed to walk down the aisle on my big day, but that I was able to do the dance my husband and I had learnt together. My leg is now almost 100% and I’m training and living perfectly normal againI doubt I would have been able to enjoy the biggest day of my life without the treatment through Tapping and support you gave me. Thank you again for everything.”


Real Estate Entrepreneur
Kent, UK

“I am a 40-year-old woman who has struggled my whole life after terrible emotional & physical abuse as a child.. after 15 years of various types of Counselling, addiction Counselling, CBT Counselling, Marriage Counselling, and abuse Counselling, I felt I was still stuck not being able to fully let go of the past, move forward, and appreciate what I had now, and be happy. EFT was suggested to me by my Therapist, for the blockages of pain in my memory that normal talking therapies sometimes cannot get to. I contacted Suzanne who was so caring and supportive of my journey and arranged a week of sessions with me to clear those blocks once and for all, and I can honestly say, that I have finally found some peace from the trauma of my childhood. I will always be eternally grateful as my time with Suzanne has literally changed my life, if you are willing to be open, honest, work hard and be brave and want to be free… this is definitely the therapy for you.”

Sue Cocksedge

“I worked in packing factory and I pulled a pallet down, which grazed my leg down to the bone and resulted in me going to the hospital. Although I went back to work the leg was still swollen and painful, and I was worried I would lose my job. Suzanne came to visit and asked if I wanted to do some EFT, (tapping) for the pain? I didn’t believe in therapy of any sort, but she insisted because I was in so much pain. After Tapping for several minutes, Suzanne told me to see how bad the pain still was by going up her staircase, as that’s when I experienced the most pain when I’m at work. I held onto the bannister to take the pressure off my leg, but there was just the slightest ache. We tapped for a few more minutes and when I went up the stairs for the 2nd time, there was no pain. I couldn’t believe it and really hadn’t expected a result. The pain did come back slightly several weeks later but it was nothing like it originally was.”

Neil Smith

“Despite having cerebral palsy and being confined to a wheelchair, and wanted to be independent and do things for myself. Suzanne helped me to change so many beliefs about what I was capable of, and even ones I didn’t know I had. Now I speak properly, and I’m confident about going into town on my own. I have a part-time job and I have a social life. Best of all, Suzanne taught me how to Tap, so when I get anxious or start to doubt myself, I can control my emotions and my anxiety, which means that I am now more assertive, confident, and stand up for myself. Suzanne also showed me how I can ease the physical pains I feel due to being in a wheelchair, which I didn’t think was possible. I can’t believe how much my life has changed. What is special about her is that if you have a dream, a vision, she will show you how to make it become real. I wish her all the best in her future, I feel lucky to call her my friend.”